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Unveiling the Myths About Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Makeup? The Process Explained

Commons Myths About Permanent Makeup

Myth: The Process is Painful

One of the main misconceptions about permanent makeup is that it’s very painful. Discomfort is manageable, especially at reputable clinics like Victoria’s Esthetics, where our technicians use specialized numbing agents to minimize discomfort.

Myth: You Can’t Change Your Look

Many are also put off permanent makeup because of the name. However, permanent makeup is not as permanent as you may think. It fades over time and requires a touch-up every few years to keep it looking fresh. The benefit of being semi-permanent is that you don’t need to overthink the treatment, as it isn’t a lifelong decision.

Myth: The Results Appear Unnatural

Although permanent makeup is long-lasting, it fades over time. In fact, even the best permanent makeup jobs require touch-ups. This can be from one to five years, depending on the treatment, sun exposure, and your personal care routine. You can also choose your look exactly. After the initial treatment and healing process, your makeup look will soften – naturally defining and uplifting your features.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup: Unlocking the Beauty Secret


The benefits of permanent makeup go far beyond sheer convenience. It saves you time, boosts your confidence, and is a game-changer if you have a busy schedule. Choosing permanent makeup means you don’t need to spend valuable hours behind the mirror each morning applying your makeup.


Permanent makeup is also much more durable than conventional makeup, so you can swim, gym, or last through a long day of work without worrying about smudges or having to redo your makeup throughout the day.

Boosts Confidence

Permanent makeup is a fantastic treatment if you feel self-conscious about certain areas of your face, such as uneven lip shapes or very light-colored eyebrows. By opting for this safe, semi-permanent treatment, you can add more definition to your face for long-lasting, effortless beauty.

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