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The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Microblading in Queens

Beautiful, well-defined eyebrows have become the beauty trend of the decade. While some may have taken that to the extreme, natural-looking, fuller eyebrows are the key to transforming the face and achieving a fresh, youthful appearance.

While thicker does not necessarily mean better, sparse and uneven brows have the potential to detract from gorgeous eyes or even throw off your entire look. While many have been using eyeshadows or liners to fill in their brows for years, recent pioneering within the skincare industry has led to the innovation of microblading.

This informative and comprehensive guide to eyebrow microblading will provide you with a thorough understanding of the process behind achieving perfect, natural-looking brows.

What Is Microblading and Will It Look Natural?

“Will my brows look natural?” is the most commonly asked question related to microblading, and if you are having them done by an experienced professional, the answer is a resounding, yes!

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance eyebrows. While the words semi-permanent and tattoo might have you feeling a bit apprehensive, the process of microblading involves precise application of pigment to mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Emphasis on the word natural.

The procedure has become extremely popular over the past decade as thousands of clients are rushing to achieve the eyebrows of their dreams. It is a well-known beauty trend within the modeling industry, and is associated with a large collection of celebrities. Namely, Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Bella Thorne, and Kylie Jenner, just to name a few.

How Do I Prepare for Microblading?

Firstly, do your homework. Your microblading artist can be the one to make or break your look, so only have the procedure done at an FDA-approved esthetics center that boasts years of experience.

In your initial consultation with the esthetician, you’ll discuss the eyebrow design. Then, make sure to avoid a few before procedure day. Arrive with a fresh make-up free face and avoid the use of any medications. In the few days before, avoid alcohol, sun tanning or tanning products, caffeine, waxing, and skincare products that contain active ingredients.

It is important to notify your microblading artist about any allergies or sensitivities you may have. Communicate these concerns with your esthetician before the procedure to prevent any adverse reactions.

How Painful Is Microblading & What Does Aftercare Involve?

When you arrive, your esthetician will apply a numbing cream before the procedure to ensure discomfort will be minimal. Many describe the pain as uncomfortable but not unbearable.

Aftercare involves a healing process, so continue to avoid sun exposure, strong skincare products, and activities that cause excessive sweating. It is recommended not to get the area wet for a full week after the procedure and to not wear makeup.

Your skin may look red and your brows darker than expected immediately following the procedure, but as the skin heals, your brows will lighten. Following the healing procedure, remember, as always, to apply sunscreen every day, as this will lengthen the duration of your stunning microbladed eyebrows.

Now, you are ready to begin your microblading journey with all the knowledge and assurance you need. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our experienced estheticians from Victoria’s Esthetics and Laser Center in Queens to get makeup ready with your brand-new brows!

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