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Facelift with an ultrasound machine

Facelift with an ultrasound machine

Ultrasound tightening is a relatively recent therapy option for those with drooping and loose facial skin. The technique aids skin renewal around the face without leaving behind surgical scars. As recovery is quick, it also cuts down on downtime. Remember that the process differs from what doctors utilize for medical imaging.

Facelift $800 for 2 sessions

The process is non-invasive and painless and is also referred to as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). It encourages collagen synthesis, which is necessary for tighter skin, using ultrasonic energy. Tumors, brow lifts, and wrinkle reduction can all be successfully treated with HIFU. Without surgery’s potential problems or adverse effects, you can notice benefits from the process within a few months.

Although the treatment can be used for everything from skin tightening to lifting, the FDA still needs to give it the green light. More analysis and proof are required to determine which people the method is most appropriate for. For those with severe cases of sagging skin, HIFU is also not recommended.

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Victories Medical Spa provided excellent service with knowledgeable staff, clean facilities, and rejuvenating treatments. Highly recommend for a refreshing experience.

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Victories Medical Spa provides excellent service and expert staff. The facilities are clean and the treatments are rejuvenating. Highly recommend!

Ashley Singh

Assistant, 32 y.o.

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